Monday, March 27, 2017

Cookie With Grandpa

Here is the one-year-old monkey, wearing a sweater vest and Mardi Gras beads, eating with singular focus while her ethereal sun-drenched Grandpa looks on.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Artists Take Action

Artists Take Action is an amazing project that gathers work from nine incredible artists each month, and auctions it off via Instagram to benefit a different charitable organization that the artists have helped to choose.

March's auction, in which I won the above astonishing Zelma Rose necklace, raised $1670 for Forward Together, a multi-racial organization that works to ensure women, youth, and families have the power and resources they need to reach their full potential.

February's action, in which I picked up the two stunning artworks below by Christine Buckton Tillman and Alicia Dornadic, raised $1795 for, which helps organize grassroots climate-focused campaigns, projects, and actions in 188 countries.

I hear April's auction is coming pretty soon, so I encourage you to hustle on over and start following @artiststakeaction now! Though the auctions are run through Instagram, which each one disappearing when the new one launches, there's an archive of all the past ones you can peek at over here.

Christine Buckton Tillman

Alicia Dornadic

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Color Poem #5

Mabel’s towel is the
red of cherry candy

mine is the pastel
orange of cantaloupe

Bill’s is the navy
blue of sailor pants

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


It's here! It's here! The day I finally get to show you all the books and products I had the pleasure of editing for Chronicle Books for publication on our Spring 2017 season! Hooray! I just love this moment. And I am honored to get to work with such an amazing array of talented artists and authors, not to mention the smart and creative colleagues who make everything happen around this joint. So, above, you see everything all in one place. So cool! If you want to find out what each of these things is, I'm putting title, author, and link-to-purchase info (you know, just in case you were tempted by anything) below each project's individual photo below.

Go Forth!

Broad Strokes by Bridget Quinn

O Glorious City: A Love Letter to San Francisco by Jeremy Fish

642 Things to Draw: London
642 Things to Draw: San Francisco

642 Things to Draw: 10 Graphite Pencils

PANTONE One Sketch a Day

PANTONE List Ledger (two copies shown)

Susan O'Malley Notebook Collection
Susan O'Malley Notecards 

France: Inspiration du Jour by Rae Dunn

Earth and Space Coloring Book featuring photographs from the archives of NASA

Aging Gracefully: Portraits of People Over 100 by Karsten Thormaehlen

Bonus item if you read down this far! All the previous seasons of books I have edited for Chronicle Books since I've been blogging (watch my photo skills deteriorate as we venture backwards through time! But never fear, the books remain awesome all the way back): F16, S16F15S15F14S14F13S13F12S12F11.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Indivisible SF

The other day I attended a meeting of Indivisible SF, a local group using the principles of the Indivisible Guide (if you haven't read this document by former congressional staffers about how best to connect with and influence your congresspeople, I highly recommend it) to oppose the Trump agenda. It was inspiring to see citizens and neighbors, many of them just recently turned to activism for the first time, volunteering part of their weekend (in an impressive setting, as seen above) to organize and take action.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Playing With New Toys Post B-Day Party

A hazy and ethereal image of upright, very-nearly-one-year-old Mabel deeply engaged in that thing which remains her vocation to this day: play.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Barry McGee Parking Garage Mural

Walking along the other day I was excited to stumble upon one of Barry McGee's murals on the Moscone Center Garage. You can read more about this gosh-darn cool thing here. Art in the city. Just the best.