Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Always-Ongoing Poem Saga Regarding the Events of the Spring of 2006 Continues

April 7, 2006

I have on my desk at work
these various piles of paper
And it occurred to me the other day
that perhaps only I
could ever understand
exactly why something
goes into one pile
and not into another

I mean
there is some sort of
official blueprint in place
in my mind
but it is full of exceptions
and loopholes
and things that aren’t covered and must therefore
be stuck in some random pile for reasons only I understand
Or perhaps truthfully reasons that don’t actually even exist at all

The important thing is
that everything be in a pile
I was about to say that this creates the illusion of order
(people often complement me on how neat my space looks
and I always feel as if I have somehow tricked them into it)
but really I do think that in fact the stacks create genuine order
Even if the system isn’t quite all there
just the grid-like arrangement of piles
is orderly looking
and therefore encourages
orderly thinking

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