Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Ongoing Poem Series About the Summer of 2006 Carries on in the Following Manner

June 19, 2006
This weekend was super busy and involved:

seeing lots of friends
having some rosé and some bubbly water
             the bubbles in the glass rising to the top
             pretty much constantly when its first poured
going to the farmer’s market
and buying a ton of berries and stone-fruit and cauliflower and herbs and flowers
             fresh lavender for the dining table which looks great and smells amazing
             and mixed poppies for the hall that are so cute and cheerful and wrinkly
watching the world cup
getting a zipcar and picking up new bookcases
             the soft almost satiny look and feel of the pale wood
             of the unfinished pine bookshelves
             almost fuzzy like a peach
then rearranging all the books
All of which was really fun
We also cleaned the house
which was not as fun but deeply satisfying

Today I had cinnamon graham crackers
instead of regular ones
for my midmorning snack
they were gratifyingly gritty
And I went book shopping and bought myself a stack of books
to compensate for having to be back at work
after such a nice weekend of real life and great weather
Two of the books were hardcovers
and I realized that I’ve recently abandoned a lifelong policy
of always waiting for the paperback
This is in part due to having a bit more money
but also life is just too short
and my reading desires shift and change too often
to postpone such an elemental pleasure
as reading what I want to read
when I want to read it
So there

I also noticed that the bottom shelf
of all the bookcases in the store
is angled upward
so that a browser can read the spines easily
without having to bend over
One of those thoughtful things that works so well
you don’t even see it
Until you do

image source is here

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