Wednesday, April 11, 2018


It's here! It's here! The day I get to show you ALL the books and paper products I edited for Chronicle Books for our illustrious Spring 2018 season. This is all stuff that is already available now, or will be very soon, from anyplace you like to buy books. And, can I just say? I got to work with so many amazing talents this time around. Check it out:

Lorna Simpson Collages by Lorna Simpson, introduction by Elizabeth Alexander

The Wing Reader: An Illustrated Poem by Brooke Smith, illustrated by Brian Rea

Deeply Grateful and Entirely Unsatisfied: A Book for Anyone Wondering if Life is Giving You Magical Gifts or Just Messing With You by Amanda Happé

With Love, Adventure, and Wildflowers Notes by Katie Daisy

Wanderlust and Wildflowers Colored Pencils by Katie Daisy

The Wildflower's Workbook: A Journal for Self-Discovery in Nature by Katie Daisy

How to Make Hand-Drawn Maps: A Creative Guide with Tips, Tricks, and Projects by Helen Cann

William Wegman Address Book, by William Wegman

Good Dogs on Nice Furniture Notes by William Wegman

Think Small: The Tiniest Art in the World by Eva Katz

Say Yes: A Journal for Dreaming Big by Leah Reena Goren

On Doing Nothing: Finding Inspiration in Idleness by Roman Muradov

Creative Alchemy: Meditations, Rituals, and Experiments to Free Your Inner Magic by Marlo Johnson

The Color Collector's Handbook: A Journal for Discovering the Colors in Your Everyday by Leah Rosenberg

Make Change: Art to Inspire Action (Chronicle Books is a proud supporter of the ACLU)

If you want to see previous seasons of things I've worked on, going all the way back the the Fall of 2011 (holy crap!), simply type the relevant season abbreviation (F17, S17, F16, etc.) into the search box right over there up on the right. Watch my photography skills devolve as you go back in time. Fun for the whole family!

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