Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Magazine Parade

Not sure why, but lately I've been really into magazines. And as you can see, I'm not talking even about the newish crop of hip and high-end magazines like those discussed here. I'm just infatuated with your regular old off-the-newsstand fare--assuming the newsstand in question is a relatively big one that maybe carries a few from overseas as well.

Foremost in my heart, these days, are fashion magazine. Ok, ok, so perhaps Lulu is actually one of those high-end publications I was just saying I didn't follow--you got me. Every issue is so dreamy and ethereal, it's amazing this one would even stay down on the rug long enough to be photographed; despite it's substantial bulk (which is mostly all a gazillion features and only a few ads up front) it feels as if the whole thing might just float away at any moment. Elle and W were the first fashion magazines I ever discovered, round about the seventh grade, and I've just recently started picking them back up again with great enjoyment.

A close second to fashion mags are food magazines. Cook's Illustrated may be the oddest, most persnickety, and best-reading cooking magazine of all time. It's awesome to see the much-mourned Gourmet make a reappearance, if only for a one-off. And Donna Hay is a spectacular one from Australia which deserves to be much better known in this country.

Last up, a bit of a miscellany. I'm always on the search for the perfect shelter magazine, and Living Etc. from the UK is the best I've seen. They still do show more empty-white-box houses than I personally care to look at, but every issue also has at least one, and sometimes more, home full of personalty, quirkiness, and color. And then there's Parents, a dirty little secret living in the back of the magazine rack--given to me as a gift, but surprisingly much more readable than I expected. All in all, a good crop.

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