Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Makeshift Society

Have you guys heard about the Makeshift Society? Some coworkers and I took a little field trip there the other day--hosted by the lovely Victoria Smith of SF Girl By Bay, who is a founding member--and I fell a little bit in love with the place.

It's essentially a coworking space for creative professionals--of which a great many have cropped up in the city recently (I pass three, for instance, just on my walk to work each morning). But it has a radically different vibe from that being given off by such places. The whole space is ineffably cozy and chic--no less than you'd expect from Victoria and founder Rena Tom--and thinks of itself as a "clubhouse" rather than as some sort of corporate surrogate.

I am seriously considering a salon level membership for myself, for those days when I work from "home" (which, as any parent of a stay-at-home toddler will tell you, really means working from a coffee shop and asking numerous strangers throughout the day to watch your stuff while you run to the ladies).

Top photo by the talented Ms Lorraine Woodcheke (other two by me)

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