Friday, December 21, 2012

A Holiday Hodgepodge

A pre-Christmas art miscellany today, in honor of this being the last Cabinet post in 2012. Above, my utterly stunning early xmas gift to myself--a painting of a whale singing, by the awesome Lisa Congdon (originally commissioned for the fabulous book--which, full discloture, I edited--The Where, The Why, and the How ). Brought it home and hung it up last night and it has been making me happy about every three and a half seconds ever since.

Have I talked before about how much I like the work of mid-century artist Helen Frankenthaler? Mostly I'm a fan of her abstract paintings, but she was also important in the revival of screen-printing. "Savage Breeze" (1974), above, is so very gloriously red-and-green that I've been saving it for this time of year. 

And, while we're on the subject of red and green art, isn't this painting by Michael Borremans fantastic? As far as I can figure out, he doesn't have a website of his own, but I would highly recommend taking a moment to do a google image search of his work. So rad. 

And finally, because I cannot resist, here is the Watson Payne family holiday card, wishing you and yours an exceptionally merry everything in the the coming bustley weeks and joyous year.


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