Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Continuing Poem Saga About the Winter of 2006 Carries On Like This

January 24, 2006
Here are some things about structures

Yesterday morning it was really sunny
and as I walked across the open stretch of pavement
near the shut-up florist on market street
I could see the building with the finials
that I was telling you about the other day
reflected clearly one of glass block towers across the street

The finial building was behind me
the glass building in front of me
both shimmering away together in my field of vision

Then when I was leaving work last night it was still sunny
and I noticed at that same corner
a little statue of a heroic looking lady up on top of a pillar
silhouetted to black against the luminous evening blue

And I remembered that I had seen a similar phenomenon
with the heroic lady up on the pillar in the middle of union square
one evening last week

It’s at that point just now where
if I leave work right on time I walk home in dusky daylight
but if I’m even a few minutes late I walk home in dusky dark

In the mornings I also often see
the great green glass bulk
of the huge craggy edifice
they are building down at the end of jones street
a new federal building I hear
like an iceberg

image source is here

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