Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chapter Book Maddness!

I really don't know exactly how, or when, it happened, but somehow we have phased, chez nous, into being a family who reads chapter books at bedtime rather than picture books. What the heck? I feel a little bit like my life is flashing before my eyes (both in the sense of revisiting my own childhood, and also the crazed speed with which my own child's childhood seems to be zooming by). But it's glorious to get to renter all these fictional worlds, and discover some new ones.

Mabel, at three, is really enjoying the works of: Jane Gardam (this book, Bridget and William is hilarious to us because those are my and my husband's names--but in the book, William is the horse), Maud Hart Lovlace, Beverly Cleary, Kenneth Grahame, Annie Barrows, A.A. Milne, and Betty McDonald.

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