Friday, November 8, 2013

Art in L.A.

I looked at a whole lot of art while I was in L.A. Today, a few of the highlights.

Above, just one of the many amazing art-made-from-books installations at The Last Bookstore (one of my absolute top favorite stops of the whole trip). 

The astonishing James Turrell exhibition at LACMA makes your brain do all kinds of things.

The architecture of the LACMA Japanese Pavilion blew my mind a little bit.

There's a great Abstract Expressionist room at LACMA, too, of which this Rothko is just one sampling (there's also a great huge Franz Klein, and one of my favorite DeKoonings from his relatively brief period of pure abstraction). 

Basquiat at MOCA--their whole Modern show was lovely, other highlights included a gripping Agnes Martin, and a whole room of Rothkos glowing away like anything. 

Speaking of glowing, this piece by Mark Handforth was my favorite thing in the Contemporay show at MOCA

I visited a slew of galleries in Bergamot Station. The rest of this post shows what I saw and liked there. Above Sebastio Salgado at Peter Fetterman.

 Chuck Close at Ikon

Ned Evans at Craig Krull

Corey Grayhorse at DNJ

Eric Nash at Lia Skidmore

Katherine Rohrbacher at Tag

Laura Karetzky at Lora Schlesinger

Jose Alberto Marchi at Latin American Masters

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