Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Year of Pies

A year ago Christmas I bought Bill the book you can spy in the photo just below--
Pie: An Hand Drawn Almanac by Emily Hilliard, illustrated by Elizabeth Graeber. And he, dear man that he is, undertook to make each of the twelve pies in the book in its allotted month in 2013. And can I just say? Damn! These are some good recipes, and he is a great maker of pies. So here, in its entirety, is the complete collection, with massive kudos to author, illustrator, and pie-baker alike:

(above) January: dark chocolate and salted caramel pie

 February: shaker lemon pie
peculoos Cookie Icebox Pie with an Oreo crust and dark chocolate ganache
Read more at http://web.stagram.com/tag/piealmanac/#tILP9W4vQ8JAKp5v.99

 March: banana cream pie with peanut crust and salty bourbon caramel sauce

April: lemon chess pie

May: rhubarb meringue pie

June: cherry pie

July: mixed berry pie

August: blueberry icebox pie

September: late-season peach with a pecan streusel topping

October: apple pie

November: drunken bourbon pumpkin pie (mascarpone whipped cream to come)

December: speculoos cookie butter icebox pie with oreo crust & chocolate ganache


  1. THIS IS AMAZING!!! I'm in admiration of Bill's commitment and all of his pies look so good (especially that meringue). Thanks for being the pie almanac's biggest fans!

  2. thanks emily! both for your fab recipes, and for letting us be your scary stalker #1 fans. it was a delicious year.