Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Thing The Book

Loyal readers of the Cabinet will know I do my darndest not to play favorites here among the books I edit for Chronicle Books--in truth I adore them all and, if it's not to much own-horn-tooting (indeed it's really more my-authors-horn-tooting) I think they're all completely amazing. But I love these photos by Daniel Dent so much that I just have to share it. It comes from The Thing Quarterly's announcement of their forthcoming new book The Thing The Book, which I am so tremendously proud to have worked on. The Thing's editors Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan completely knocked it out of the park, gathering dozens of rock-star artist and writer contributors all creating wild and wonderful things, and we packed the book with more fancy bells-and-whistles than you can shake a stick at (a cloth case, neon belly band, two ribbon book markers, a real bookplate, a single dictionary-style thumb-cut, the list goes on and on), add an inspired design job by San Francisco favorites MacFadden and Thorpe and it all adds up to an alchemical brew of great potency. And if you preorder a book now over on The Thing site you get a discount. Hooray!

But fear not. The spirit of evenhandedness will shortly resume! As soon as I get my last few advance copies in over here I'll be showing you my Fall list in all it's multifaceted glory (spoilers include: the start of our big publishing program with Marimekko (!!); new volumes from Pantone, 642, and the brains that brought you the 2012 smash hit The Where, The Why, and The How; super dreamy collages; a travelogue from the father of indie illustration; and a seminal design classic brought back into print after years away--stay tuned!)

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