Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Green Editorial Pouch and Its Progeny

Working at Chronicle Books frequently entails gathering up your notebook and your pen and your wallet and your cell phone and your swipe-card for the elevator, and taking them all downstairs with you to Ironside, the cafe in the ground floor of our building, for a caffeinated meeting with visitors or coworkers. And if you are me, when your hands get that full of that many things, you frequently start to drop and/or forget stuff. So as a present to myself (on the occasion of my promotion to Senior Editor (which, honestly, I still can't get over, eeeeee!)) I bought myself the kelly green leather pouch with yellow zipper, pictured above, from American Apparel, to throw all my stuff in and carry down to coffee meetings with me. And I love it. That was what this Publishing Wednesday blog post started out to be about: a recent new enjoyable accoutrement to my job as editor. But what happened? Well, I did a google image search to find a picture of the thing, sorted my search by the color green, and almost immediately found myself tumbling down the image search rabbit hole: photos of pouches, photos of green apparel, photos of random green things. This is what happens. Nor am I inclined to resist it. See for yourself...

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