Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tom Palumbo

In that way that happens--and which is surely one of the very best parts of the internet--while looking for something else entirely I happened to stumble upon the work of mid-century fashion photographer Tom Palumbo. How had I never heard of this person before? Perhaps its just a knowledge gap on my part. But somehow I get the sense that he has not received the recognition other similar folks from his era have done. Anyhow, I find I love his work. Dreamy color. Crisp black and white. Glamor girls that still somehow manage to actually look sort of human. The first eleven images in this post are some of the favorites I've found of his posed fashion work. (Please remind me to wear my pajama jacket the next time I'm climbing San Francisco's hills!) The final four photos at the bottom are apparently candid shots taken in Paris cafes. I mean, just, come on! So good!

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