Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Most of my pinboards are organized by color and I put a lot of fashion and some interior decor stuff and some art in there. But I have one, called "science" where I put amazing creatures I happen to find in my ramblings on the internet. These things astound and amaze me every time I look at them, and put me in mind of the awesomeness of nature. Of course the problem with Pinterest is that attribution can get tricky, but if you click through to the board and then onto each image you'll at least be able to follow the trail of where I found it.

Above, the helioceras heteromorph ammonite (creative rendering, long extinct)

Sea-urchins (photo by Andreas Karelias)

Argus Pheasant Feathers




Diane’s Bare-Hearted Glassfrog

Lachryphagy (butterflies drinking the tears of turtles)

Elysia Chlorotica (a sea slug that can process sunlight like a plant)

Tardigrade (creative rendering of the microscopic creature)

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