Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The San Francisco Art Book Fair

I went down to Minnesota Street Project over the weekend (along with thousands of astonishingly young, astonishingly hip people) to check out the first ever San Francisco Art Book Fair. New York and LA have had art book fairs for years, but somehow SF never did have one before--a omission which has now been rectified. Loads of cool independent artists, zine-makers, book-makers, book-sellers, museums, and publishers (including my fine employer Chronicle Books) were tabling their wares for an eager public. It did my heart good to see that there is so much love and enthusiasm for art books in this here town. People love to talk about how culture in San Francisco is going to hell in a hand basket, but this was a nice example of a instance where it's most certainly not.

A few of my favorite finds, below, included the books and prints of Victoria Reynolds at Ampersand and Tauba Auerbach's enormous pop-up book 2,3 (which I made some random dude stick his hand next to for scale) at Park Life.


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