Friday, August 26, 2016

Plane.Site at Gagosian Gallery

I stopped by the new San Francisco outpost of the famous Gagosian Gallery (conveniently located directly across the street from the new SFMOMA) the other day to check out their inaugural show. Man oh man, have they really pulled out all the stops. The blue-chip nature of the artists featured means that you feel, while you're in there, more like you're at a museum than a gallery. Pictured here are some of my favorite pieces. Not pictured, but present, and rad, were other enormous names like Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and Roy Lichtenstein. It's a heck of a thing.

Above: David Ireland

Pablo Picasso

Alberto Giacometti

Cy Twombly

Rachel Whiteread

Richard Serra

Louise Bourgeois (with Joe Bradley and Giuseppe Penone in the background)

David Ireland

Rachel Whiteread

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