Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poem #14

September 2016

on my way down here just now
in the three blocks between my
house and the coffee shop I passed

two men sitting outside a café speaking cantonese
and just opposite them near the curb two men
conversing in an eastern europen language

a self-conscious pair of tourists holding hands
a muscle-man in a tank top
a woman in a jesus teeshirt

a jock carrying a pizza into a sports bar
two heavily made-up girls sweating
a stocky woman in workout clothes

three guys using their phones to locate a trendy bakery
a middle-aged couple drinking bloody mary’s in a window
a guy with a cane whose yellow hat perfectly matched his shirt

a dad sitting down to a late lunch with his kids
a surfer with no shirt on a couple with backpacks
and a girl with nerdy glasses and a bicycle

image source is here

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