Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Protest Cakes

Increasingly, people are finding ways to turn their own special super powers toward protest and resistance. My own favorite example of this phenomenon is artists and bakers Leah Rosenberg and Tess Wilson's project Protest Cakes. With wit, wisdom, rage, and love, the two craft carefully considered desserts that send messages about the issues of the day. I love this project's forthright sincerity, its feminist reclamation of domestic work for political ends, its humor and sweetness (pun intended). In Rosenberg's words:

"We used to work together at the SFMOMA Blue Bottle Coffee making art-based desserts.  One of our philosophies there was "make a cake about it," and we decided to apply that to our highly fraught political situation. We thought we could express ourselves through a medium that we know and love--cake--and share it (with all the sweetness, hope, sustenance, and camaraderie that entails) with the people doing the hard work of democracy: protesting, marching, voting, etc."


"Six Nations Cake, in protest of today's Muslim ban. This is a variation on our very first cake, the Seven Nations Cake, and we'll keep making these until there are zero countries on the banned list."

"I Am Not A Cake, made in protest of Jeff Sessions' (and so many other appointees') perjury."

"Anti-Antisemitism Fruitcake, made with a recipe from The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook, with an inscription inspired by this quote from Anne Frank: 'Miep made a delicious Christmas cake with ‘Peace 1944’ written on top...'." 

"Clean Water Cake, with rainwater syrup and activated charcoal buttercream, topped with water purification tablets. Made in protest of today’s EO rolling back the Waters of the United States rule; in honor of the people of Flint, MI, who still don’t have clean water but will no longer receive water subsidies after today; and in protest of H.R. 861 to terminate the EPA, which brought us the Clean Water Act."

"Black Lives Matter Cake, in honor of Trayvon Martin & the 5th anniversary of the Black Lives Matter movement. Vegan chocolate cake with coconut-chocolate ganache from Afro-Vegan by Bryant Terry, who does such amazing political work as chef-in-residence of MOAD."

"Trans Rights Cake, to be thrown in the face of anyone who would make life more difficult for trans kids. Sprinkled with disco dust & adorned with chocolate coins, in honor of the coins thrown during the Stonewall Riots." 

"Endangered Species Act Cake, in solidarity with all our animal neighbors. Encourage your reps to vote against HR717!"

"Not My President Cake, for today & everyday."

"NO Cake, to be sent to any Representatives who might be considering voting to defund Planned Parenthood." 

"Pussy Hat Cupcake for Galentine's Day. We're right there with you, hats on head & sticks in hand." 

"I'm Peach Mint Cake, with peach jam and mint buttercream, topped with marzipan peaches with fresh mint leaves. To be served at today's protest at Ocean Beach in San Francisco."

"Mexican Hot Chocolate Rice Krispies Treat Wall, to be torn apart and eaten by the handful until it is no more. All ingredients purchased at bodegas on San Francisco's Mission Street." 

"Seven Nations Cake, to be served on a mirror at San Francisco Civic Center #nobannowall protest today!" (Feb 4th)

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