Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How Art Can Make You Happy on Instagram

One of the great many delightful things since my books have been published has been watching delightful people -- some friends, some creatives I work with, some complete strangers -- post images of How Art Can Make You Happy on Instagram. The images are gorgeous and frequently show how art makes the person in question happy. I love it. Here's a sampling!

Image above: Jen Jacobs (including some of her stunning new paintings)

Martha Rich

Kelly Beall

Leah Rosenberg (this one is actually a still from an amazing tiny video of the book Leah made!)

Case for Making

Art Lab Pins

Carissa Potter

Danny Gregory

Drop Forge & Tool

Helen Davis

Kelly Hieronymus

Lisa Solomon

Olivia Locher

Rae Dunn

Sara Barnes

Sonya Philip

Sous Commandant

Sophie Blackall

Susannah Conway

Nao Nagamura

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