Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New York Publishing

I was in New York for the very great honor of being a judge of the Society of Illustrators Annual Competition - visiting their headquarters (above) to judge over 1700 images in a single day.

While in town I met with numerous agents, a bunch of my authors, exciting new prospective talent, and industry pals. I also visited heaps of bookstores and other retailers. Here are just a handful of the publishing-related highlights --

I met my author William Wegman and his dogs Flo and Topper,

signed shelf stock of my book at Rizzoli with Iggy Pop's very own silver sharpie,

visited the brand new Chronicle Books New York office, which has this sweet view,

visited the I, Too Arts Collective, housed in Langston Hughes' Harlem brownstone (that's his very own piano in the parlor, and better yet his very own typewriter on the mantelpiece),

visited one of my favorite retail stores on this earth, CW Pencil Enterprise

rescued the wet and somewhat unsuccessful day of the trip (there's always one) with a visit to the Strand,

did editor power poses, at the insistence of my author and pal Julia Rothman, in a restaurant built inside a bank vault and frequented by stock brokers. 

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