Tuesday, January 9, 2018

42nd Birthday

Sunday was my 42nd birthday. Whenever I express the notion that I feel neither old nor young, Mabel says reassuringly "that's ok! just remember: You're middle-aged!" But, unlike many, I actually greatly enjoy getting older and being middle-aged. It strikes me that youth is for bumbling around cluelessly, and only as you get older to you really get to be your very own self. Anyhow, in the spirit of "start as you mean to go on" I always like at the start of my new year (which conveniently lines up with the start of the new calendar year, and its spirit of new beginnings), with a visit the ocean. Indeed the year hardly seems to have started properly for me at all until I do so. Not because I want the year ahead to be full of trips to the beach - though, sure, that would be nice - but because I want to preserve, throughout the coming year, the deep feeling of peace, well-being, calm, and happiness that being next to the sea always gives me. I also like to kick off my year by eating way too many pop-overs at the Cliff House with my two loves, as shown below. Not for any symbolic reason but just because those warm pop-overs are freaking delicious. And speaking of delicious, Bill also made me a birthday coconut pie. It was a great day.

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