Tuesday, July 24, 2018

July Inspiration Pack

A short round up of what's been inspiring me lately--

Working on: finishing my next book manuscript, due at the end of this month!

Wearing: my green floral suit for a presentation at work today

Reading: Ryan North and Erica Henderson's unbeatable Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Listening to: Michael Pollen's How to Change Your Mind audiobook

Watching: Glow season 2

Donating to: El Otro Lado, Flippable's Colorado Fund, and KIND

Drinking: black coffee and pamplemousse La Croix

Eating: Sea Salt Kettle Chips (not right at this moment, just in general)

Being utterly and completely blown away by: Hannah Gadsby's Nanette (I want to rant and rave at length here about the amazingness of this so-called comedy special -- how it is in fact a staggering work of art that cracks wide open our ideas about what comedy, art, feminism, and so much more can look like, all while breaking our hearts and enriching our souls, but... oh hey, wait, look there, I did rant on at some length after all. Mission accomplished.)

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