Friday, August 24, 2018

Lea Redmond, the First Ever Artist in Residence at Chronicle Books

A really cool thing that happened way back in the Spring, but that with all my travel and whatnot I forgot to blog about, was artist Lea Redmond's week-long residency as the first ever Artist In The House at Chronicle Books. Lea did a great many wonderful interventions in our space -- sent us all tiny mail, gave workshops on gift-giving -- but perhaps the most magical of all was when she set up a little tea room in one of the elevators. When the elevator doors would open there it was! You could book a time to come and sit down with her and chat about things while the elevator continued on about its usual business. Then she would pick out a special teacup that spoke to whatever you'd told her about and make you a cup of tea in it. It was a pure delight

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