Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Filming at CreativeLive

I filmed my CreativeLive class, Publishing for Creatives, last week, and it was great fun. You film live, in front of a live studio audience, so the talking just flows -- no retakes, no do-overs, no time to think "wait, did I say that as perfectly perfectly as I might have?" just go, go, go. Which, if we're being honest, is my preferred speaking style. A huge crew, it seemed, of extremely helpful folks were on hand working hard to make everything flow smoothly and be the best it could be -- I really enjoyed the people there. Of course, I've got no photos of the class because I was too busy scampering around in front of the camera yakking. Instead what I've got are photos of the getting ready process -- the greenroom, makeup, wardrobe, and so forth -- which perhaps give you a little glimpse into how fun a for reals this whole thing felt. If all this sounds appealing and you think you might want to learn about publishing straight from my horse's mouth you can preview, and potentially buy to watch at your leisure, the class right here.

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