Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Margo Watson 2010s

The third and final of these photo posts about my dear mama features a lot of photos of her being a most excellent Grandma. In 2010 Mabel was born and all our lives changed dramatically for the better. This baby lived a very well-documented life, thanks to the photo skills of my father, her Grandpa. What didn't occur to either of us until now is how many great pictures there were of my mom, as well, tucked in among the myriad ones of the child. There are a few of my own Instagrams and whatnot in here as well, but it's mostly my dad behind the lens. Looking through these has made me so happy -- to see so clearly what a pure delight being a grandmother was for my mom, what joy she took in it -- is a great comfort to me now. Previous posts in this series can be seen here and here.



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