Friday, August 2, 2019

Citizen Parlor

I don't normally talk about my own work here on Art Friday. When there are so many amazing artists out there, that generally just feels sort of pompous. But in this case I must make and exception and risk pomposity because I have Big News: I have gallery representation! My original drawings are being sold online at the very fine art site Citizen Parlor. So if you wanted a picture from How Was Your Day, but weren't local to the Bay Area to come by one when the show was up at Open Studio, you can now get one from the comfort of your sofa, or the bus, or wherever you happen to be. I am really just so honored to be featured alongside such a stellar roster of artists and feel deeply grateful for the opportunity. These screen-grabs are pretty tiny, so click through and enjoy the whole gorgeous  Citizen Parlor website right here.

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