Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Mabel's Second Five Halloweens

Mabel's Harry Potter devotion continued strong for its third year running, and here we see her brilliant rendition of Hermionie. Her devotion to this, her very favorite book series among a great many favorite book series, remains profound and true (which is why we broke down and bought her an light-up wand -- but really the funnest part was braiding her hair into lots of little braids the night before and then unbraiding in in the morning to give her those unruly Hermionie curls).

Here is a previous blog post featuring her first five Halloween costumes, and now I get to show you the next five. In reverse chronological order we have:

2019, age 9: Hermionie Granger
2018, age 8: Harry Potter
2017, age 7: Albus Dumbledore
2016, age 6: a fairy princess
2015, age 5: a dinosaur

She always knows just what she wants to be, months if not a whole year in advance. I could tell you what she's planning for next year, except that he must not be named.

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