Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Montreal and Quebec City

We went to Montreal and Quebec City over Thanksgiving and it was marvelous. Snowy and cold (like, really cold -- something novel and exciting for us Bay Area types) and cozy and sparkling. Because Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, they have no such prohibition as we have in this country against getting excited about Christmas in November. From cocoa to twinkle lights a festive holiday air was already in full effect when we were there. It was just the sort of winter wonderland experience that might have been specifically designed to help kick-start the xmas spirit of a flagging soul. Joyful without being cloying and charming (especially Quebec City -- the oldest city in North America, built like a walled European city on the top of a hill, and charming as all get out) in a way that felt real and true. If you follow me on Instagram you might think you've already seen all these photos, but there's a good deal more previously unpublished stuff in the second half of the post, if you're interested.

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