Monday, March 9, 2020

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

One interesting thing I get to consider when drawing book covers on book covers is which book cover to draw. Many, if not most, books have more than one cover design -- be that just hardcover and paperback, or for older titles different covers over the years. I generally try and go with the most iconic, or the first edition, or sometimes the one I myself read and loved. Sometimes that's the cover on the copy of the book I'm using and sometimes it's not. Or sometimes, like with this one, I just go with the one that feels like it will be the most fun to draw. A solid background is interesting because all my painted surfaces both are and are not solid flat areas (because, on the one hand, I'm not much of a one for shading and shadows, but on the other hand I've got brush-strokes, so nothing is ever going to be truly solid). And the more typography the better, as far as I'm concerned -- because drawing typeset text is a super pleasing thing to do.

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