Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Home Improvement

Of the many things we did in the break between xmas and new year's, two of the most long-term satisfying were house-y projects. I wish I was better about remembering to take "before" photos--but suffice it to say that both of these areas were those sorts of cluttered corners of shame that you try and just ignore and pretend aren't there. Until one day you finally tackle them and, oh! the joy that ensues. Above, my previously crappy bedside table, now spray painted blue and decluttered by a factor of about a million. Below, the cabinet under the bar--which previously held a non-working 90s era TV and VCR--now repurposed as a toddler-accessible toy cupboard. I really cannot tell you how happy these two things make me, each and every time I look at them. Yay!

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