Friday, January 11, 2013

The Art Discovered Yesterday

When things are running smoothly I try to spend a little time each morning zipping through my google reader of interesting blogs. Many (though by no means all) of the blogs I follow feature art on them. Some days I don't see anything that particularly excites me. But other days the stars align and post after post on site after site offers art for which I have personal affinity--images that just zap themselves into my brain in a pleasing way. Yesterday was one of those days. And so, herewith, a few highlights.

Above, a painting (yes, painting!) by Carly Waito as seen on The Artful Desperado.

Bubbles installation by Luka Fineisen as seen on The Jealous Curator.

Cast acrylic sculpture by Vasa Mihich as seen on Beautiful Decay.

There's pretty clearly some sort of common theme or trope going on amongst these pieces, having to do with structures in nature, which perhaps appeals to me because of my ongoing fascination with the intersection of art and science.

Or maybe I just like how they look.

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