Friday, September 12, 2014

Ancient Glass

The other day Mabel had a day off school and she and I went out to the Legion of Honor. We saw many of our old favorites in their beautiful permanent galleries--she likes the big vaulted rooms full of sculpture, I like the portrait paintings. But what happened to catch my eye particularly this time, that I'd never spent much time looking at before, was a case of ancient Mediterranean glassware. For one thing, the idea that things made of glass have survived the vagaries of the world for so long is a bit mind-boggling (and who doesn't enjoy having their mind pleasantly boggled from time to time?) but beyond that, of course, is the fact that this stuff is just stunningly beautiful. But the pieces are relatively small and their case is tucked in a hallway, which sort of accounts for the fact that they've most likely be hiding right there in plain sight for the thirty-odd years I've been going to that museum without me ever really noticing them until this day. An oversight I now correct.

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