Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Audio Books

Maybe a year ago, maybe less, I started listening to audio books. One of my best friends and my mom have both listened to them for years, but somehow I always thought they were something other people did -- people with CD players, and cars. Then I realized I could listen to them on my phone while I walked to work or took the bus or washed the dishes. And it was quite a revelation. A little while after that I realized I could get them from the public library via Hoopla or Overdrive rather than buying them through iTunes. Another revelation. Because while I like to own the physical books I read, I have no need whatsoever to own some random digital files of books I've listened to. The other day I got the urge to snapshot all the audio books I've listened to so far. So I dug up the history section on the three different apps and this is what I got. There are 33 of them and they were nearly all very excellent. Perhaps it will not be interesting to anyone else, but it is interesting to me.

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