Friday, June 3, 2011

Irving Penn: Small Trades

Today's art book, Small Trades, gathers together the photos Irving Penn took in New York, Paris, and London in the 1950s, capturing various workers in their working garb--in many cases just shortly before these professions either ceased to exist entirely, or changed almost beyond recognition. It's a beautiful volume--so lovely in fact that I even had to take a picture of the gorgeous cloth case beneath the dust jacket:

The way these full-body black-and white portraits captures the faces, clothes, and postures of another era is rather reminiscent of the Disfarmer book I talked about here. Perhaps it's not surprising that the two books share similarities, since they were both gifts from my esteemed father (on a side note, there probably aren't very many girls who can say they got inspired to start a blog because of their dad's, but I am one). As for the rest, just enjoy the pictures:

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