Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picture Books

I know next to nothing about children's publishing. But since Mabel's been around I've been paying a lot more attention to picture books. Of course its been awesome to spend time with the classics from my own childhood that I can never get enough of (Make Way for Ducklings, One Morning in Maine, Hop on Pop, The Best Nest, Winnie the Pooh, Goldie the Dollmaker, and so many more). But what's also been great fun is discovering the brand new books of today. Above is our absolute favorite, Henry in Love (tiny-limbed animal school children falling in love over a blueberry muffin--what could be better?). And below, a few other current favorites--three wonderfully affirming-yet-not-cloying books, all of which, for reasons that remain a mystery, begin with the word "All" and one about real-life gay penguins:

All in a Day
All the Things I Love About You

All the World
And Tango Makes Three

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