Friday, July 8, 2011

Bohemian Modern

I've discussed any number of times the problem I have with the arbitrary distinctions and quibbles that get made between art and craft, or art and fashion, art and design, or even art and life. So I won't harp on that again. I'll let today's book, Bohemian Modern: Living in Silver Lake by Barbara Bestor, do that for me. Because technically, of course, this is an interior decor book. But, to my eye, it is also an art book--not because of the interiors themselves, nor the photography, nor the fabu lives of the Beautiful People of Silver Lake (though all of those things are very nice indeed)--but because of the illustration and design of the book itself. Which is phenomenal. I love that someone just turned a bunch of creative people (specifically: Geoff McFetridge, Michael Wothington, Eli Carrico, Yasmin Khan, and Jiwon Lee) loose on this book and must have basically said "go nuts!" Check it out:

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