Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Next Poem about Fall 2005

October 10, 2005
Our kitchen saw a lot of activity yesterday

Bill woke with the urge to make pancakes
and put ginger in them
The Joy of Cooking pancake recipe is
in my opinion
one of best recipes
for any sort of food
(melted butter is the secret)
ginger and maple syrup are good too

After breakfast I got to work
on a large version of the mini potato gratin I made the other night
to take to an afternoon ladies’ comfort food party
it takes a lot longer
to peel and mandolin up four potatoes than one
to chop five cloves of garlic rather than two
to make layers of stuff in a large dish not a small one
Facts which really shouldn’t have surprised me
but somehow did
So that I felt rushed in my cooking
which I do not love

Unless it’s something like the Indian cauliflower we made for dinner
full of high heat
and stir frying
and fast ingredient-adding
with lots of fragrant smoke that smells like spices and chilies
The sort of cooking where I get to yell
“Action cooking!”
while rushing around the kitchen brandishing my big wooden spoon
which makes Bill laugh

But Action Cooking aside
I want time in the kitchen to proceed at a stately pace
to amble
like baking
to absorb my hands and the front part of my mind
leaving the back part free to mull

Same reason I like to sew by hand
no matter how many times Jen offers me her machine
I like the deliberateness
of doing something on purpose in a way that takes time
and then arrives at an observable result
in the end

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