Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Ongoing Fall 2005 Poem Series Continues

October 5, 2005
On the way home yesterday I saw a seagull feather on the sidewalk

Black at the tip
then gray
then white

And there was a group of dramatic-looking Sikh men
and a woman carrying a big black circular thing like a hula hoop
almost as tall as she was

Later on the whole house smelled like toast
when I made a sandwich for Bill for tomorrow’s bag lunch
after eating my lazy girl dinner of boxed white cheddar mac and cheese

Bill got home just as I finished packing the brown paper sack
I watered the houseplants and we talked
while he ate some beans on toast

There was a lightness there
it was one of the good days
one of the ones where we can see

if not the light at the end of the tunnel
at least the fact that there is a tunnel
which will sooner or later have a light at the end of it

Lightness of spirit like taking off a leaden coat
We lay in bed and I put my head on his chest and we softly sang a little song
our voices vibrating together though one another’s bodies

Then this morning on my walk to work I had one of those moments that
if you read it in a novel
you’d say was too absurd to be real

The strap on my silver shoe broke
causing me to step out of the shoe and onto the sidewalk with my bare foot

and this happened in front of Wilkes Bashford
where they are far too posh to sweep the sidewalk like normal people
and must instead hose it down each morning

so I stepped out onto a wet sidewalk
(nor was it any noticeably cleaner for having been hosed)
and as I bent down to rectify the situation I somehow dropped my coffee cup

spilling coffee all over my leg
my bare foot
and into my shoe

I can’t even imagine how I managed that
But though it was highly irksome in the moment
it was all so entirely silly that I have to laugh now

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