Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The thing about traditional book publishing is that things move incredibly slowly and everything takes forever. But you get used to the pace and it feels normal to you (of course my mind is fixated on my 2013 list right now, why wouldn't it be?) All of which led to an exciting moment I had yesterday when the first Spring 2012 (known to its friends as S12) advances landed on my desk. So thrilling! We have two seasons, Spring and Fall, so this is something that only happens twice a year: a new season commences, hilariously long before the current season is finished to anyone outside the editorial department. The the rest of the world it may feel an awful lot like Fall right now, but for me, Spring has sprung. Which seemed the perfect moment to cast a happy retrospective eye over my F11 bunch of titles--all displayed together for the moment at my desk. Eight books (plus seven foreign language translations of one of them), two boxes of notecards (the pink one is Pretty Polaroid Notes, and the multicolored one is Pantone Notes), plus a watercolor painting kit. All available for your enjoyment here, or here, or here. (Come on, I couldn't resist getting a tiny sales pitch in there somewhere).

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  1. What a set of accomplishments! You should feel so proud! I know I'm impressed!