Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tweeting for the Weekend

So, I am now on Twitter, in a mostly quasi-professional way--I chat about my books, link to these blog posts, do the whole Friday Reads thing, and so forth. But while the tweeting is sort of fun, what I've found to be much more useful in relation to book publishing is the reading. You wouldn't know it from the bad vapid rep 140-charater messaging receives, but it turns out all kinds of interesting editors, authors, publishers, artists, etc, really are on there, and really do have interesting things to say. Sure, there's a fair bit of flogging of one's own projects (I'd be the first to admit I do that, too!), but there's also quite a lot of interesting publishing gossip and intelligence to be found. And since you control who you follow, you simply don't have to see all the stupid you don't want to see. I realize I'm a bit late to the party on this one--by nature I'm a late adopter. But I've been pleasantly surprised. For instance, the handy site wefollow offers up the most influential tweeters (twitterers? twitizens?) across all kinds of subjects and industries, including publishing (note #12 below, not to shabby for a small independent house!). 

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