Thursday, June 28, 2012

At Last We Come to the Final Poem in the Sixty-One-Poem-Long Series About the Fall of 2005

November 30, 2005
I was sleepy in bed

and gave Bill step-by-step instructions
about exactly how to pack his lunch
just the way I do it

First you take out the bread tin
now open it
now open the bread
now reach in under the first two slices
don’t take those
take the next two down
put them into the toaster
set it for two minutes
close the bread bag
but before you put it away in the tin
get out a cookie
open the cupboard
get out a plastic bag
put the cookie in the bag
close the bag
put the bag with the cookie in it on the counter where you’ll see it in the morning
now put the bread and the cookies away in the tin
close it
and put it away
now open the refrigerator…

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