Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nothing Like a New Dress

So this week is the week that all the editors at the fine publishing house where I work get up in front of bunches of sales and other company folks and "launch" our Spring 2013 books. Since these coworkers of mine must start publicizing, marketing, and indeed selling the books long before they actually exist as finished objects, this is their introduction to the list--each editor gets up and gives presentation about each and every one of his or her (mostly her) books, complete with fancy visual slides and so forth. And today is mine. And, as luck would have it, what should arrive in the mail late yesterday afternoon but my new dress from British clothier Toast! And, seriously? I am utterly enamored of this garment. If there's anything that makes you feel more ready to get up in front of dozens of people and talk for half an hour (other than, I suppose, preparation), it's got to be a new dress. Oh, and heels.

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