Friday, July 6, 2012

Abstract Expressionism

Of course I do realize that posts like this one, or this one, or this one, where I say things like, ooh, I've discovered twitter or tumblr or instagram and aren't they cool, will very rapidly--if, indeed, they haven't already--date to the point of hilarity; not unlike a journal entry a pal of mine recently dug up from 1996 that included the sentence "I've gotten really into email lately--it's rad!" But nevertheless I must take this opportunity to sing the praises of another new-to-me web adventure: A vast online resource of art images that can be filtered, sorted, searched, sliced, and diced a million different ways. Today I explored the "Abstract Expressionism" category, and was reminded how much I really, and I mean really dig Abstract Expressionism. It's rad.

Above, Franz Kline, Painting, 1952

 Mark Rothko, Number 18, 1951

Jackson Pollock, Watery Paths, 1947

 Robert Motherwell, Orange Personage, c. 1947
Willem de Kooning, The North Atlantic Light, 1977

Helen Frankenthaler, July Understated, 1967

Michael Loew, Green Depths, 1961

Lee Krasner, Milkweed, 1955

Hans Hofmann, Golden Splendor, 1957

Theodoros Stamos, Infinity Field #2 (Lefkada Series), 1978

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