Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pantone for Authors

Breaking my usual self-promotion embargo here in order to tell you about an awesome feature some colleagues of mine put together for the Huffington Post: pairing color palettes from our new Pantone: 35 Inspirational Color Palettes with famous authors whose work or personality they best suit. Above, "Afternoon at the Metropolitan" was a natural match for Henry James.

Basically, I love everything about this--I love that it's about literature and color, I love that it promotes our book in a cool and interesting way, and I love the fact that, not only was it written for the top internet newspaper, it was also picked up by the sites of the Los Angeles Times Books section, and The Paris Review.

Proud and entertained. Is there a better combo?

Here are a few more of my favorite pairings from the feature: "Silent Screen" for Raymond Chandler, "Pup Tent" for Ernest Hemingway, and "Cottage Garden" for Jane Austen. Masterly, people.

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