Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Next Entry in the Continuing Poem Series About the Winter of 2005

December 8, 2005
One thing about me is that I am clumsy

Always have been
Or at least since

When I was younger
I thought it would go away when I got older
but that did not happen or at least not much

I don’t actually fall down on the ground
quite as often as I used to
but that’s about the extent of the improvement

I do things like turn the paperclip holder upside-down
shake it vigorously to shake out one clip
and the lid falls off and paperclips spill all over my desk

Things like knocking the glass bottle of flower essences
out of the medicine cabinet into the sink where
of course it shatters

Things like stabbing a hole in my finger
with the little staby white hook part
of one of those dark green hanging file folders

Mysterious cuts appear on my hands
that I don’t know
where they came from

I splash stuff
all over the stove
when I cook

You’re going to say
everyone does these things

this is all within the last twenty-four hours

image source is here

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