Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Poem Series About the Spring of 2006 Goes On a Little Something Like This

March 9, 2006
I am nothing if not a creature of habit

When I eat lunch I have a certain arrangement
of food, drink, napkin, and book
that I consider optimum and use consistently

My morning routine does not vary
and I like that fact very much

I find repetition calming
I like to walk the same routes
anticipate the same pleasures
happening at the same times
But last night I noticed an exception to this rule

Bill asked me if I thought we cooked
more different recipes than most other people
and I said yeah probably
because with a small handful of exceptions
we rarely make the same dish twice

And then he asked if that was because of him
which was a pretty natural question
as I am the above-mentioned creature of habit
and he is the one well-known for his love of the various and the new
But no I realized
it wasn’t just him
it was both of us

I’m not sure why
but I really like the way
we cook so many different things
Keeps my mind fresh green and clicking maybe
Or maybe there are just so many good things I want to try
Or could it be that although most of what we make is good
little of it is so fabulous that it deserves to enter
the pantheon of my precious routine?

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