Friday, January 31, 2014

Looking and Finding

A couple of weeks ago I realized that the file in which I keep images that I come across and like--and which I use to populate the father-daughter site I do daily with my dad, Silas & Eppie, among other things--had become quite stale and moribund. I'd somehow stopped finding much new that I liked, and so the contents of the image folder had dwindled down to dregs of stuff that I really just wasn't excited about. So, in a bold step I've never tried before, I just archived the whole thing and started over from zero. Something about having a completely empty folder was so liberating. Almost right away I started finding artworks I liked again to fill up that nice uninhabited receptacle. As of right now it's up to twenty images, every one of which I'm really into. But I'm saving those for other purposes. Today I want to show you the nine most recent images I've posted over on S&E (as it's known to its (very few) friends). Because not only do I dig each one of these pieces individually, I also really enjoy them as a group. So here you go--happy Friday!

Above, Grady McFerrin

Belhoula Amir


Mister Finch

 Becca Stadtlander

Andrew Patterson-Tutschka

Hsiao Ron Cheng

Kyle Scully

Tara Andris

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