Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yes I Am The Art Book Editor at Chronicle Books and Yes I Want to Hear From You

Hello. Nice to meet you.

I get surprised when people ask me if it's ok for them to put their artist or photographer friend in touch with me in my work capacity at Chronicle Books. Or if it's ok for them to send me their own body of work for consideration. Dude! Of course it's ok! That's the whole point!

But it's a good reminder that, weird as it seems to dorky awkward old twelve-years-old-on-the-inside me, perhaps to the outside world the job title Art Book Editor might be a bit intimidating. So, in the name of total frankness and clarity, here is what I do:

I edit books (and sometimes non-book things like notecards or blank notebooks) that feature: fine art, illustration, photography, and design (graphic design, fashion design, industrial design, occasionally a bit of architecture).

I welcome book proposals and the chance to see bodies of work from: artists, illustrators, photographers, designers, writers, and creative thinkers.

I love developing ideas and collaborating with folks on projects. A handy little cheat-sheet of what I'm looking for in book proposals can be found here

My email address is:
bridget[underscore symbol]watsonpayne[at]chroniclebooks[dot]com

Go nuts.


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