Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Non-Fake Non-Perfect Life

Lately I've been feeling inspired by a little photo project that's lurking in the messy corners of my life. I'd found myself having lots of conversations with people recently about how we should be instagraming photos of our unmade beds, dirty laundry, and  unwashed dishes. Anything real and quotidian to counteract the fakey-fakey perfect-perfect version of life that people (self included!) tend to put forth in their instagram feeds. So I started doing it and it has made me ridiculously happy. I've even convinced a few other people to give it a whirl. There's a wrinkle where you have to decide whether it's more fun to make the photo of dirty dishes look all dreamy and soft focus and beautiful like people do with sunsets and lattes and shoes, or whether you use the flash and make the monster pile of clothes you should be taking to the dry-cleaners, but aren't, look its very starkest most unpretty self. Both directions have their own merits and pleasures, in my view. And both bring forth that same thing I've been saying forever (and will most likely continue to say ad infinitum): that real life is inherently beautiful, even when you don't pretty it up (maybe even especially when you don't pretty it up?). If I was feeling more grandiloquent I'd say this was the start of a Movement. Instead I say I like this: It makes me feel good and so I do it.


  1. thanks emily! i loved your instagram comments that first night--so much to think about here! xo b